The victory of Daniel Schneiders ended the competition in four-in-hand driving at 4Foulee.

 6 teams competed for the prizes of the patron of the competition - Mr. Roman Roszkiewicz. In Thursday's dressage test, the best ride belonged to the representative of Germany - Rainer Duen with Akazienhof's Casallco, Falko 478, Frisko 51 and Salvador.

On Saturday evening, the fans took a walk to the picturesque grounds of the Wola Hippodrome to watch the spectacular marathon, which caused a reshuffle in the top of the table. Here, the competitor from Austria and the winner of 4Foulee from 2021 - Daniel Schneiders with the horses Dancingstar, Fanno, Ghandi and Inebie turned out to be the best.

In Sunday's driving test, the best three competed in the winners' round. Duen triumphed here, his compatriot Markus Stottmeister came in second with Bravour S, Celine, Carline and Cassie, and Daniel Schneiders from Dancingstar, Fanno, Ghandi and Kroon Juweel closed the Top 3.

In the final ranking, the best result belonged to Schneiders. Second place went to Rainer Duen and third to Markus Stottmeister. The fourth place was taken by a Pole - Krzysztof Szczepaniak with Pluto XX-2, Pluto XX-3, Pluto XX-1, Pluto XX-21 and Maestoso Mano.

"I was happy with my dressage, I had a new horse on my team, it was his second-ever dressage, he did really well. The atmosphere here is fantastic. In the marathon the first obstacle was already challenging. The course builder and his whole team did a super job. It was really good to drive and safe for the horses, really fair. The atmosphere with the audience was almost like at the European championships! (…) The grass arena here is incredible. We had four full days of showjumping and the grass looks brand new! The cones course was really nice and I was pleased with my team.”

Results: https://livejumping.com/ap/event/8430/competition/123890

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