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CSI zielona FB wydarzenie propozycje2024 1200x800px a

The schedule for 4Foulee CSI Zielona Góra competition, which will take place on 25-28 April, is now published. Riders will to compete in three categories: CSI2*, CSI1* and CSI for young horses.

The total prize pool is €87 100. In the Big Tour, as many as two competitions will count towards the world ranking, and the pot in both is €28,200. These are Saturday's class (against the clock, at 145 cm) and Sunday's Grand Prix (145 cm, with a jump-off).

High prizes also await riders competing in the Medium Tour. Here the total amount is €11,800, of which €4,000 goes to the competition on Saturday and €5,000 to the final (against the clock, 135 cm). For less experienced pairs, the organizers have prepared CSI1* Small Tour (120/125 cm) and Elite Tour (110/115 cm).

Two rounds will be held at the CSIYH. As this will be the first competition of the season at the open hippodrome for most of the horses, the five-year-olds will compete separately - on the first day in an accuracy class (238.1.1, 110 cm), then in a two-phase special class and on Saturday in a two-phase final (115 cm). Slightly more difficult parkour requirements will be faced by the second group - six- and seven-year-olds, who will compete together, with a height handicap (125/135 cm final).

Riders and horses will compete on the modern WOSiR Drzonków hippodrome, measuring 50 by 95 metres, with a quartz Ebbe & Flut footing. There will also be a comfortable warm-up arena (33 by 70 metres) at the riders' disposal.

The event is co-organised by: Jumping Events Sports Club, WOSiR Drzonków and Tarant Events.

The schedule can be found HERE.


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